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Bruce Teaching A Trumpet Lesson

Learn the skills you need to play all kinds of music on the Trumpet. Learn the fundamentals; proper embouchure, breath controll, tounging, etc. With the right training, you could play in orcehstras, jazz ensembles, chamber groups, ska bands, reggae bands, marching bands, and more! A great way to get ready for regionals, all-state, or a college audition. Learning to play the trumpet will devlop problem solving skills, discipline, and self expression. For the more experienced Trumpet Players: Learn to play the trumpet like Miles Davis, Dizzie Gilespy, Phill Smith, Wynton Marsalis, and more!

Whatever your goal, the professional music teachers at BMC The Music School can get you where you want to be.

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"Sofia LOVED the music lesson - Bruce taught the lesson and Sofia was SO happy when I picked her up. She says that the french horn is the best brass instrument now. Thanks for everything again - it has been a really good day for us because of you all at BMC!"

--Kelly C., Customer

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