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Flute ChoirFlute Choir
Improve playing skills in a great group setting with Michelle

Rock Band ExperienceUniversity of ROCK
Play in a real rock band, from concept to concert! with Mike Chervansky

Guitar EnsembleGuitar Ensemble
Gain experience playing in a group guitar settingwith Randy Newbury

Guitar Camp
Learn the basics of playing acoustic guitar

The Music School’s summer programs are an exciting way to involve music in your children’s summer schedules!

Benefits of playing in an ensemble:

  • Get expert help in matching you up with others who think like you musically.
  • Improve your sense of timing and hone your listening and practice skills.
  • Pick up songs you might not otherwise learn.
  • Experience the joy of musical collaboration.
  • Make enduring musical friendships.

Each ensemble is led by one of our teachers. All are professional musicians who work with a variety of experience levels and musical styles. The ensemble members and teacher set their goals, choose music, work on arrangements, and rehearse weekly. The teacher often plays with the group. 

For more experienced students, performing groups are an excellent opportunity to deepen one’s musicality and ability to work with others, gain essential performance skills, make new connections, and have fun.

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